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I love the author comments. Also, I love how these "parodies" use the exact same quality of animation at this point.

What an interesting trip.

Well at least it was something new... ... at least it wasn't too story driven or overly generic or recycled.
And bring back the counter, please. And Hank NEEDS to be back, its not the same unless its one man on an army. But truth be told it was alright.
I counted 23 kills total.

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Really fucking piss poor zombie game.

Next time make the bullets useful instead of me having to to use the games slightly less useless knife. The Zombies are too tough. when your zombies take multiple bullets give me more bullets. Seriously I died in the first fucking screen because their was no ammo.


The only problem is, why do you have to collect all the weapons?

What a wierd objective...

Yeah the game is pretty good but...

This game has decent graphics and voices.
But this game is outstandingly hard! It is frustratingly difficult sometimes. Your minions act like retarded s**ts! And the last mission was f**king horrible! You have to hold your own against an infinite onslaught of people for 155 seconds? That caught me by suprise. So when I restart from the next checkpoint, THEIR STILL ATTACKING! There is no message saying im under attack, when I abandon my lair they still come for me! I died over and over and over again until I started a new game. Please do your best the fix that up. Please. other than that it works pretty well. The animations are great and Tomamoto was great too. Although the notority thing was too sensitive. And theres plenty of stuff to do. It was actually kind of fun at points. just give it a better beginning and lower the difficulty a bit.

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More happy memories from childhood. I strangely missed these.

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Blood for the Blood God!

Awesome, now try a full picture portrait.

Zero-drk responds:

maybe...ill try to work something out dont blame if it sucks XD


i would like to see if i can make it a real life helmet still working on that if done ill try to post pictures

This is the best drawing of link I ever saw.

And thats saying alot...

dommi-fresh responds:

:O holy shit


WHY THE HELL DIDNT I THINK OF THAT?! A HAPPY FACED AXE! THATS ALL SORTS OF AWESOME! Seriously... I can actually imagine this thing slicing through human flesh while it laughs and giggles like it has no idea what's going on.

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